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All American Rail Group (AARG) was formed in November 2022, and consists of highly accredited and reputable Global Railway Design, Engineering, Construction, and Management Companies. AARG has the required financial and intellectual capacity to compete in global large scale railroad projects. AARG’s turnover the past five years exceeds $19.7 billion, with operating cashflow close to $2 billion. AARG has performed and managed over 3,000 railway projects, engineered close to 2,000 Km of track with more than 200 Class-1 large-scale railroad capital projects including new main lines, the double track main lines, sidings, siding extensions, yard re-designs and expansions, Amtrak passenger projects on freight railroads, inter-modal facilities, and bulk transfer facilities, ports, planning studies, speed improvement projects, connection tracks, locomotive, and rail car repair facilities, as well as passenger terminals, bridge designs, integration projects for multi-modal and inter-modal solutions. These include, but are not limited to, the highway, motorway, railway, ocean terminal, in-land terminals, dry- port, airport, Free Trade Zone, Special Economic Zone integration and their Master Plans in Africa, U.S.A., Canada, Europe, and Australia.

Our Grouping Partners are very well established with a number of successful projects in construction, housing, hospitality, biotechnology, agriculture, e-business, and health related projects across the globe. Every single one of the partners in AARG have performed unique, sustainable, renewable, and green energy projects and have supported the socioeconomic development of the geographies they have served. Our grouping partners and their efforts were awarded by the United Nations in 2022.
We have also specifically formed the Grouping with several multi-cultural, multi- national and agile teams with over 10,000 existing team members that could assist the administration to work with AARG at multiple locations and corridors at the same time and integrate the products and services with a tailor-made and sustainable approach.

Two trains move fast to the different directions at sunset time.
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AARG has a unique capability that would form new socioeconomic, cultural, agricultural and technological developments/hubs at the targeted “routings/corridors”, connect the people and processes, integrate all rail services and products with the regional hubs and globally connect them via national and regional industrial zones and ports.

AARG’s unique and extensive capabilities would not only result with a benchmark level Infrastructure development but would guarantee the sustainable, green, socioeconomic future for the communities we serve!